Ladies Printed Scarf

  • Polka Trendy Scarves

    Polka Trendy Scarves

    1. Size: 90CM*180CM,the size is amlost like average size,and polka dot scarf is big enough,you can use it with many ways.
    2. Usage: polka dot scarf is suitable for every season and every normal day wearing!In summer,you can wear polka dot scarf and do some sprots,in winter,you still can use polka dot scarf to keep warm.
    3. Material: 100%polyester,smooth and delicate appearance,breathable.polka dot scarf will not hurt you skin anymore.
    4. Color: as you see the picture,there are many colors as you choose.The color of our polka dot scarf is very generous and decent, suitable for any wear

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  • Warm Printed Scarf Womens

    Warm Printed Scarf Womens

    1. Warm Printed Scarf Womens
    2. Material:High quality material 100%polyester. printed scarf womens can be warm, soft, comfortable, perfect touch,the best thing is,our printed scarf womens is super cozy.
    3. Size: 70CM*180CM,printed scarf womens has a big enough size and can fit any female who wants it.The best thing is,you can use warm scarf with many ways.
    For exmple: you can printed scarf womens as a shawl,orheadcover,scraf and so on.Because of the size is big enough,everyone will not go wrong.
    4. Color:As you see the picture,there are some colors for you pick,and the pattern and design looks great!

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  • Winter Square Printed Scarves

    Winter Square Printed Scarves

    1. 100*185CM,This size wraps around the neck to keep warm and warm.
    2. 100%polyester,Adopt polyester material, good quality, good feel.
    3. Another name for this scarf is the twill quill. The pattern on the surface of winter printed scarf is made of circles, which is simple and delicate. No matter from the shape or color, the collocation has a flavor.There are a few small fur balls at the bottom of the square printed scarf, which makes the whole scarf more fashionable.

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  • Custom Multi Printed Scarf

    Custom Multi Printed Scarf

    1. Customized multi-printed polyester soft scarf
    2. Size: 90 x180cm
    3. Material : 100% polyester, hand washed.
    4. Unique design, distinct square connection, different color matching, suitable for young girls and ladies, this is a suitable for female friends the best gift.
    5. Suitable for: shawls, scarves, beach covers, headscarves, etc.
    6. A great accessory for everyday wear, but also the perfect gift for all occasions and seasonal care.

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  • Ladies Chunky Cape Scarf

    Ladies Chunky Cape Scarf

    1. A variety of colors, scarves and shawls into one, color stitching, making the original ordinary scarf rise to a level, but also ordinary ladies chunky cape scarf decorated into a fashion trend.
    2. 56*190cm,Long enough to wrap around the neck and keep warm.
    3. 100%Acrylic,Soft and warm material, laser printing, makes the color of the scarf different from other scarves, elegant with a bit of pride, but without losing etiquette.

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  • Popular Long Scarves

    Popular Long Scarves

    1. Material: 100%Polyester
    2. Super soft and scarf, 100%Polyester Popular Long Scarves.Silk scarves elegant smooth, gently and breathable, feel soft, smooth, thick, plump, elastic is excellent.
    3. Size: 2 00*70CM it is a large scarves you can ues it with many ways,such as shawl or head cover and so on
    Color: 32 colors as you see the pictures

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