Men Knitting Scarf

  • Comfortable Warm Kitting Plaid Scarves

    Comfortable Warm Kitting Plaid Scarves

    1. Size: 30*180CM,this is regular size with fitable ways to use it, our comfortable warm kitting scarf is not only can use as scraf but also can be a headcover to use it.
    2. Material: 100%polyester,the best quality in China,and the fabric is also better than anyone else,soft and close to the skin.
    3. Useage: plaid scarves for mens can be very warm,and give your incredible feeling!
    4. Color: as you see the picture,our comfortable warm kitting scarf have many colors for you pick,may you have a intersted one!

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  • Personalised Knitting Designs Scarf

    Personalised Knitting Designs Scarf

    1. Matrial: 100%Polyester,The material is soft and warm and comfortable.
    2. Size: 30*180cm,The color is soft and warm, and it feels comfortable.
    3. Small white squares scattered on both sides add a touch of color to Personalised Knitting Designs scarf, which looks not boring, suitable for business people, but also essential for people at home.Just long enough to wrap around your neck and keep warm.Good for family gatherings, trips, and walks.

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  • Soft Cool Men Kitting Scarf

    Soft Cool Men Kitting Scarf

    1. It is stylish, lightweight and at the same time ease the coldness around your neck, so, this is the best shawl wrap to stay fashionable and warm during the fall and fall or winter season!
    2. Our kitting scarf is made from a high-quality and durable fabric with 100% Polyester for years of worry free use and exceptional warmth, softness and comfort.
    3. Our kitting scarf is sure to be a fashionable accessory in every coldness season. You can choose it as a birthday, anniversary or holiday gift for your boyfriend, husband or your best friend to express your love and :'"warm" feelings towards them.

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  • Men Scarf Patterns For Thick

    Men Scarf Patterns For Thick

    1. Material Type: 100% polyester,Super soft, Lightweight and Warm, our product is scarf patterns for thick,but it also not very heavy for us,when you at the deep winter,you wear our carf patterns for thick,you will know how lucky you are.
    2. Size: custom size ,this is a average size,knitted scarves for men can fit any male who likes it.
    3. Outfit: knitted scarves for men, makes the perfect addition to any wardrobe, worn over a jumper or pullover or under a jacket or coat, all year round.
    4. Color: As you see the picture,there are three or four colors for you pick,There are multiple colors stitched together,if you interested in it,pick it!

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  • Knitting Muffler Patterns Fashion Scarves

    Knitting Muffler Patterns Fashion Scarves

    1. kniting muffler pattern fashion sacrf is best choice to match jackets, overcoats and casual clothes.Applicable to the scene is not limited, can be a personal party, birthday party, wedding, or even a large representative meeting, formal rather than gorgeous, stable and mature feeling oncoming.
    2. size: 45*190CM(The actual shall prevail)
    3. material: 100%Polyester,it is a soft matrial,no damage to skin.
    4. Good air permeability, multi-fiber, good heat preservation, moisture dispersion and air permeability.

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  • Simple Knit Long Scarves

    Simple Knit Long Scarves

    1. Simple design,long knit scarf size 45*190cm ,loong enough to wear it many way,simple knit scarf will can be paired with your jacket,coat or sweater,fit in any occasion.
    2. Material: 30%Polyester,70%Acrylic.long knit scarf is soft and skin-friendly,softness of touth and lasting comfort.keep warm in the cold weather.
    3. winter long scarf ,have some pattern,enjoying and luxurious craftsmanshiop.warm ,soft and comfortable.perfect in the fall and winter.

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  • Fancy Knitted Winter Scarves

    Fancy Knitted Winter Scarves

    1. Material: 100%Polyester,winter knit scarf patterns with light weight and Polyester material makes an very soft and warm feeling - very close to the skin.
    2. Size: 30×180cm (±3) perfect to be used in the Fall & Winter,and we print both sides with beautiful pattern,it is incredible scarf and hope you will like it.
    3. Color: as you see the picture,our winter knit scarf patterns it is a good stuff you can fit with many ways,you can fit with overcoat,sweater and so on.
    4. Wash care: machine wash or anyways wash you want.

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