Wooly Scarf

  • Thick Oversized Wool Scarf

    Thick Oversized Wool Scarf

    1. Material: Thick Oversized Wool Scarf:Made of 30%cotton,70%polyester,with one of the best raw material and factories.So oversized wool scarf is enough for you to do some activities and arrenage some business conference.
    2. Size: 60cm*190cm,with 60 width and 190cm height.oversized wool scarf is large enough for everyone that you want to.
    3. Because of our oversized wool scarf is oversize,so there are so many different ways to use thick wool scarf,such as shawl,warp,neck cover and so on.
    4. Color: As you see the picture,we have many colors for you pick and there are three or four colors in each thick wool scarf.
    5. Wash care: just need to machine wash and do not to twisted thick wool scarf too many times!

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  • Winter Chunky Wool Scarf

    Winter Chunky Wool Scarf

    1. Material: Winter wool scarf made of 30%wool,70%Polyester,soft to skin,cozy touched, durable material can make you feel comfortable and use winter wool scarf lasting,normally we can wear winter wool scarf with such a long time.
    2. Size: our winter wool scarves have,so you do not even to worried our scarves can not fit you anyway,winter wool scarves is large enough! Obviously you can wear winter wool scarf with many ways,such as shawl,head scarf,neck scarf and wrap.
    3. Color: As you see the picture,you can choose winter wool scarf as many colors,wear winter wool scarf can make you like a star when you walking in the streets.

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  • Mens Printed Long Wool Scarf

    Mens Printed Long Wool Scarf

    1. Our mens long wool scarf made with 30% wool,70%polyester,,st as warm and soft as wool, but is a part of the price,the another part is good for all seasons and gives you function without safrificing fashion.
    2. 28*180cm,not only large but wide, fold in half for added warmth.mens long wool scarf as a outfit have many ways to use it,such as when we go skating or hiking,that is useful for us.When we do some sports and activities,printed wool scarf still can work.
    3. Color:as you see the picture,there are so many colors for you choose,and you finally can find a one that fit you,when we walk in the streets,This mens long wool scarfcan greatly enhance our taste.

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  • Black And White Striped Wool Scarf

    Black And White Striped Wool Scarf

    1. Material: Made of 30%wool 70%Acrylic with great fabric and one of the best quliaty,we spent a lot of time carefully selecting raw materials and manufacturers,so it is definitely that you can couting on our striped wool scarf.
    2. Size: custom size,You can choose any size of our scarf,we will service you till you are Satisfied about us.Because of 3.our size choose for yourself,you can wear lack and white wool neck scarf as a great outfit.
    4. Color: As you see the picture,there are so many colors for you choose,our striped wool scarf look so generous and and decent,The black and white grid pattern is also very beautiful.

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  • Ladies Soft Wool Scarves

    Ladies Soft Wool Scarves

    1. Simple grid, with fashionable tassels, bright winter and spring scenery line.elegant and beautiful, stylish and beautiful easy to match with different clothes, make you more attractive.
    2. 70*210CM, suitable size for you to wear it as a shawl, also is a great perfect accessory.
    3. 30%Wool,.70%Acrylic,soft to touch and comfortable to wear, safe to your skin, lightweight but warm, will give you warm and cozy wearing experience.

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