Beautiful Winter Scarf Patterns

  • Beautiful Winter Scarf Patterns
  • Beautiful Winter Scarf Patterns
Beautiful Winter Scarf Patterns
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1. when winter comes,a cold wind through your ears,the neck is quickly shivering,at the moment,the side of beautiful winter scarf .put on it like sunshine into the window sill,the meaning of quietly recede,warm surrounded you.
2. size: 70*180cm
3. material: 100%Polyester,it is a soft matrial,no damage to skin.
4. Fashion with small patterns is the unique feature of this scarf, fashion but not light luxury, elegant but not gorgeous, can be suitable for winter , wear it, whether it is a family gathering, friends gathering or simple small conference, it is an indispensable decoration.


Name: beautiful  winter Scarf Patterns

Gender: famale

Size: 70*180cm

Material: 100%Polyester

Season: winter

Usage: keep warm 

Occasion: birthday party,outdoor activity,wedding etc

Style: scarf 

Product Description:

Product namebeautiful  winter Scarf Patterns
keep warm 

Do you feel cold in winter, even when you put on a thick coat, but still feel a pinch of cold in your neck? Do you feel that you are missing some style when you go to a party, always feel that the beauty is not enough.That's what you're missing in a style like this one, which is stylish but not flashy, and can be the icing on the cake with a coat.When gathering, wear fashion scarves to knit, in the ordinary crowd can recognize you at a glance, knitting muffler patterns scarf is not only decoration is winter and spring to keep out the cold.

Here are some tips for washing and maintaining this scarf:

1. Try to wash it by hand rather than by machine, as machine washing can damage the basic shape of the scarf, and in severe cases, it may be out of shape.

2. with warm water, do not add excessive washing products, first soak in warm water for half an hour, wait for half an hour, gently scrub with your hands.

3. Use a scarf rack to dry your scarves, but don't expose them to the sun. It's better to air dry them, wash them, and fold them flat so they can be used longer.

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